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If you can’t work due to an injury or illness on the job, you will lose your income while you get treated and recover. 

You still have to pay for your mortgage, bills, medical treatment and rehabilitation, and other expenses without a regular wage.

WorkCover can make things a lot easier by providing for these things until you’re back on your feet.


What is WorkCover?

WorkCover is workers compensation insurance. It provides a financial benefit to someone who can’t work because one or more of the following has happened on the job:

  • physical injury
  • disease or other physical condition, such as heat stroke or heart attack
  • psychological disorder, such as severe stress
  • death.

You may be eligible for workers compensation whether you were injured or became ill while:

  • working onsite
  • working at a different location
  • on a break at work
  • travelling to and from work, or for work (e.g. a business trip).

You can even estimate how much compensation you are entitled to using our Insurance Calculator.

It’s mandatory for Queensland employers to have this insurance. On the Gold Coast, WorkCover Queensland provides this insurance.

If you are injured on the job, let your employer know immediately. They’re required to let WorkCover know what has happened even if you don’t make a claim.

Making a Claim

See a doctor as soon as possible to get a work capacity certificate.

Then submit an online claim or call WorkCover to discuss your claim over the phone. Make sure you provide all the necessary information.

Note: If you go to a hospital, the hospital sends your work capacity certificate to WorkCover for you. Then WorkCover contacts you to find out if you want to make a claim.

It can take several weeks to process a WorkCover claim – and that’s if you provide all the information they need in your application. So the sooner you apply for WorkCover, the better.

Read more about making a claim on the Queensland Government’s website.

Getting Professional Help

Sometimes you may not know whether you have a personal injury claim. That’s where we can help. We’re your local workers compensation lawyers on the Gold Coast.

You can book a free consultation with our Gold Coast WorkCover lawyer to discuss your situation and determine your options. We are also available at Coolangatta, Brisbane, Southport, or Tweed Heads – alternatively, if you can’t come to us – we can come to you. Contact us today.