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If you’ve suffered a personal injury, you are probably concerned with how you will be able to pay for treatment and assistance as a result of the injury.


This is a very common concern we hear from our clients on a regular basis. Medical treatment can be expensive, depending upon the extent of the injury and rehabilitation that is required to improve your health and lifestyle.


We help people develop a case to make a legal claim for compensation to support these needs. These may include a physical injury or mental health injury that may be as a result of a motor vehicle accident, workplace incident or general personal injury such as a fall.


Some people are unsure if they can make a claim for an injury like whiplash, or may not realise they have been injured. This is why it’s important to follow the steps detailed below so you can seek treatment and move to making a claim.

Personal Injury Compensation Calculator Image - Personal Injury Compensation Calculator

How do I make a claim?

Any claim must be made within three (3) years of the incident happening. Claims made outside this period are typically difficult to win. Your Lawyer will advise on this and how any limitations can be managed.


There are different requirements to follow depending on the type of injury and accident.


For motor vehicle accidents, you must do the following:


  1. Report the accident to Police.
  2. See your GP to record the injury and obtain a motor vehicle accident medical certificate.
  3. Contact your compensation lawyer and lodge the Notice of Accident Claim form (for not fatal injuries).


For workplace injuries, you must do the following:


  1. Report the incident to your employer. Complete the WorkCover from detailing the incident. If the injury was in a motor vehicle on the way to or from work, lodge a claim with your CTP insurer.
  2. Second, visit your Doctor to obtain a Work Capacity Certificate and or Medical Certificate for CTP insurance claim detailing the extent of your injuries and certified reasons for not returning to work while injured.
  3. Third, make copies of all WorkCover/medical documents and retain these for yourself and complete a NOAC form (if you are in a motor vehicle accident). You will then need to provide these documents to WorkCover and or the CTP insurer to commence your claim.

How much can I get from a claim?

Our online insurance calculator will provide you with an initial estimate of the minimum and maximum amount you could receive from a claim.


It’s important that you speak with a compensation lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your matter and develop a case to claim. Your Lawyer will be able to then provide you with a more accurate estimate pending judgement in court.


There are different category levels of compensation being minor, moderate and serious. These are dependent on the severity of the injury. The calculator will provide you with an accurate estimate so you can have confidence that a successful claim will result in payment to cover your medical needs.

For more information, contact your local expert today.

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