Personal Injury Lawyer Southport

As the number one personal injury lawyer in Southport, Main Lawyers work tirelessly to win our clients compensation for lost income, medical expenses, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and more. We use our unrivalled expertise and skill to offer customer-centric solutions tailored to your individual circumstances and guide you through making a personal injury claim with honest advice and unwavering support.

 With a no win-no fee guarantee, you won’t pay us unless we can win your case, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We service Southport, Surfers Paradise, Helensvale, Coomera, and surrounding areas of the Gold Coast. Book your free consultation with us today or use our insurance calculator to see how much you could be eligible to claim.

Personal Injury Lawyer Southport

What Can Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Surfers Paradise Do for You?

There are many different circumstances that can surround a personal injury claim and the process to compensation is typically a long and arduous one. Our personal injury solicitors in Southport can help you navigate the ins and outs of the legal system minus the legal jargon so that you know exactly what your options for compensation are and what you can do about them.

Starting with an initial consultation, our friendly team will discuss your individual situation with you and provide a free assessment within 24 hours of how much you can be compensated for based on your provided details. If we think you have a case, we’ll handle all of the paperwork and documentation on your behalf and ensure you have the right evidence to support your claim.

 We will then use the skills and resources at our disposal to manage your claim from start to finish, no matter how long it may take to be resolved. Our goal will be to get your claim settled out of court so that you can avoid the stress of a court appearance and be rewarded the maximum compensation possible.

What Does Personal Injury Law Cover in Southport?

A personal injury claim can be applied to many different circumstances, and you may not be aware of all of them. We’re here to guide you and offer expert legal advice to help you decide on the best option for your situation. You can make:

Car Accident and Motor Vehicle Injury Claims Southport

Car Accident and Motor Vehicle Injury Claims

Our compensation lawyers in Southport know how to get you the compensation you deserve when you have been involved in a car accident or other type of motor vehicle injury in Queensland. This can include cars, trucks, motorbikes, bicycles, boats, and more.

WorkCover Compensation Claims Southport

WorkCover Compensation Claims

Have you been –

  •     Injured at work?
  •     Suffering complications from a work-related injury?
  •     Enduring a repetitive strain injury as a result of work?
  •     Dealing with an existing injury or illness that has been made worse by work?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be able to make a WorkCover or worker’s compensation claim.

Medical negligence lawyer Southport

Medical Negligence Claims

Medical negligence or malpractice can happen in a number of ways, including:

  •     Misdiagnosis of an injury or serious health condition
  •     Proper treatment being delayed or not administered at all
  •     Lack of care or skill employed by a practitioner while performing surgery
  •     Reporting incorrect test results
  •     Acting on incorrect test results
  •     Medical treatment aggravating or making a current condition worse
  •     High-quality post-operative care not being provided

Any of these situations may give you grounds to make a medical negligence claim.

public liability claim lawyer southport

Public Liability Claims

Have you been hurt or injured at a public space in Queensland? Public liability claims can be made for many reasons. Here are some examples:

  •     Fell, slipped, or tripped in a shopping centre or supermarket
  •     Had food poisoning from the food eaten at a restaurant
  •     Were attacked by an animal in a park
  •     Have been injured in another public or private setting due to someone else’s fault

If this has happened to you, you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

How Do You Know If You Have a Case for Personal Injury Claim in Southport?

Many people choose not to pursue a personal injury claim because they don’t believe they have a case for compensation. It may be easy to assume you don’t have grounds for legal action, but without professional advice, you could be missing out on money that you deserve for your pain, suffering and expenses.

Every situation is different, so get in touch with Main Lawyers and book in a free consultation. We’ll give you accurate and up-to-date advice and inform you of your options. If you don’t have a case or you don’t win the case, our no win-no-fee policy means that you won’t lose anything in trying!

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What Type of Injuries Can You Make a Personal Injury Claim for?

You can claim compensation for many different things in a personal injury claim, depending on your individual situation. In Southport, you can claim for:


General Damages

If you have endured pain, suffering and distress over your injury, you may be able to make a claim on this basis.


Medical Expenses

Are you out of pocket due to medical expenses relating to your injury or illness? This may be grounds for filing for compensation.


Lost Income

Have you lost any income because you haven’t been able to go to work or perform your regular duties? If so, you may have a claim.


Paid Care and Assistance

If you have had to hire someone to help you complete daily tasks because you are unable to do them after an injury or illness, compensation may be claimed.


Lost Superannuation Benefits

If your superannuation benefits have been impacted as a result of injury or illness, we may be able to help you file a compensation claim to win them back.

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Why Trust Us with Your Personal Injury Claims in Southport?

  •     Highly qualified and experienced personal injury solicitors committed to seeing you get the most compensation possible for your claim
  •     All cases go through our Principal Lawyer, Lachlan Main, to maximise your success
  •     Customised solutions for each case with transparent communication from a boutique agency
  •     No upfront costs, hidden fees, or price increases from beginning to end
  •     A no win-no fee guarantee for your protection
  •     No obligation home visits for those who can’t visit us in our office

Know Your Legal Rights Today with Main Lawyers

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