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Main Lawyers are down to earth, insurance claims lawyers that help you get more compensation. That’s what we’re about.

Life can be full of unpredictable surprises. Some good and others not so good. In the event the unpredictable strikes, insurance can often be a life saver. At Main Lawyers, we are expert insurance claim lawyers Gold Coast residents trust because we are committed to helping everyday Aussies receive the compensation they deserve.

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Are you having trouble claiming insurance compensation in a time of great need?

In addition to sharing our personal injury law expertise, our team are also expert insurance claims solicitors. We have a high success rate in the no win no fee compensation cases we’ve worked.

Renowned for taking a down to earth, no-nonsense approach, we aim to help you see your case resolved as soon as possible with the best possible outcome

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Unfortunately in times of great need, insurance agencies turn to the fine print of your contract in order to deny you the compensation you deserve. We’ve helped many people with their insurance claims, and in our experience, even a rejected claim can still win when you have an insurance claim lawyer by your side. Talk to us if your matter relates to a:

Flood Insurance Claim

Flood Insurance Claim

Has your home, property or business been affected by flood water damage? Some insurance policies may not cover such damage even if they cover damage from storms, rainwater and/or run-off. In times of crisis, our expert flood claims solicitors have had a high success rate dealing with insurance companies and helping people like yourself get the compensation they deserve.

Car Insurance Claim

Motor vehicle insurance covers your vehicle for damage done to it or for damage caused to someone else’s vehicle. In cases involving motor vehicle damage, most insurers won’t automatically offer to pay you the entire compensation amount you are entitled to. That’s where our car insurance experts can help by putting your interests first and fighting for the compensation you deserve.

Life Insurance Claim

Life Insurance Claim

Life insurance comes part and parcel with your superannuation. If you’ve been injured and are unable to work, you may be entitled to access compensation for total and permanent disability (TPD) or income protection. The extent of your injuries will affect what you’d be entitled to. You may also be able to receive death benefits on your spouse’s behalf if they’ve passed away.

Home & Contents Insurance Claim

Property Insurance Claim

Property insurance can be a real lifesaver if you’ve been in a situation where your home and all your life’s belongings have been damaged. Bushfires, floods and other weather events are unpredictable and difficult to protect your belongings from. Likewise, if your property has seen visits from burglars, you may be able to receive insurance compensation to cover your losses.

Property Insurance Claim

Superannuation Claim

When it comes to claiming superannuation, there are many factors that need to be considered. Different funds offer different levels of coverage and ease of accessibility. If you’re looking to access your super early or if you need to claim life insurance through your super, we have you covered. We’ll take care of the paperwork for you.

Business Interruption Insurance Claim

Business Insurance Claim

If you own a business and have taken out insurance to cover your property, stock, loss of profits and accounting expenses we are able to help you if you’re seeking to make a claim. The fineprint between different insurers, their policies and their brokers can differ greatly. If you need advice on what you’re covered for or how to process a claim, Main Lawyers expert insurance lawyers can help you.

Book in a free initial consultation with our Principal LawyerIt doesn’t cost you anything to find out where you stand and if you’re entitled to compensation.

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