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Queensland is a large state with many diverse areas, including cities, beaches, hinterland and rural/outback towns. Due to this diversity, a wide range of injuries can occur on any given day.

Some injuries occur around the home, while others occur in public places, in the workplace and on our roads. Many are due to someone else’s negligence – these are personal injuries.

While any injury can be life altering – making it difficult to pay bills, earn a living or get around – personal injuries may be compensated through Queensland’s personal injury laws. At Main Lawyers, our personal injury lawyers can tell you whether you have a case for compensation.

Electric scooter injury

Common injuries in Queensland

Motor vehicle injuries

Car accidents cause some of the most common injuries in Queensland. You might be injured as a vehicle driver, passenger, cyclist, motorbike rider, or even pedestrian. 

Motor vehicle accidents can cause whiplash, cuts, small bruises, as well as permanent spinal damage, head injuries, and death.

In Brisbane, e-scooters are an emerging problem. Over 18-months, more than 600 people were injured on electric scooters, and hundreds of others were injured on e-bikes, e-skateboards, Segways and hoverboards.

Public place injuries

Many injuries and accidents occur every day in public places around Queensland. Commonly, people take a fall in shopping centres and malls, especially elderly people.

Playing in parks and recreation areas can cause burns from barbeques, broken bones from falling out of trees, and sprains and bruises from using outdoor gym equipment incorrectly.

Public pools, waterparks, and Gold Coast theme parks are also common locations for serious slips and falls.

Rural accidents

Accidents occur in regional or rural areas that may not occur in cities. Machinery and equipment accidents can result in loss of limbs or crushed limbs, head injuries, and broken bones. This includes tractor and quad bike rollovers.

Fire and electrical burns are also common, as well as falls from horses and heatstroke.

Workplace accidents

Queensland has a wide range of industries that cause common injuries. Falling objects and forklifts cause head injuries in warehouses and plants, while burns occur in hospitality and repetitive strain injury occurs in offices. Unfortunately, deaths even occur in our mining and construction industries.

Every workplace has its risks, and strict procedures, training, and vigilance must be in place to prevent injury.

Personal injury law

These are common injuries that occur in Queensland every day, but not all are considered a ‘personal injury’ – where someone is injured because of someone else’s actions or negligence.

Under Queensland law, if you have a personal injury, you may be eligible for compensation to help you recover. 

The type of claim depends on the type of injury:

  • Motor vehicle: A motor vehicle CTP insurance claim against the driver at fault
  • Public place: A public liability claim against the person or company at fault
  • Workplace accidents: A workers compensation (WorkCover) claim against the employer at fault
  • Others: Medical negligence and mining accident claims, which are less common but can severely impact your life
Personal Injury Law compentsation

Getting compensation

You may be eligible for compensation for:

  • lost past and future income
  • general damages
  • domestic care and assistance
  • medical and rehabilitation expenses.

The compensation amount will depend on the type and severity of your injury, and how much it will affect your quality of life and ability to earn a living in the future.

At Main Lawyers, our Brisbane, and Gold Coast personal injury lawyers can have a free, no-obligation discussion with you to determine whether you have a case for compensation. Contact us to find out more.