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International borders are opening up, but the pandemic isn’t over. Unfortunately, COVID could still affect your travel plans.

So it’s essential to know does international travel insurance cover COVID-19 related events. You don’t want to wait until you’re sick in a foreign country to find out that you’re not covered.

Additionally, if you should be covered but your provider had rejected your claim, you might need legal assistance to get what you need.

Travel Insurance with Covid19

​Are you covered for COVID-19?

Medical costs

Most policies have some cover for medical costs if you get COVID-19 – in fact, many have unlimited cover. This includes emergency medical and hospitals, and a medically assisted flight back to Australia if needed.

Quarantine costs

Generally, international travel insurance covers quarantine costs if you have COVID, but not if you’re forced into quarantine without being sick.

If a destination requires you to quarantine when you arrive, you may not be covered. So check the situation for your destination before you fly.

Cancellation costs

Some policies cover cancellation costs if you get COVID-19 before you leave or on the trip (and sometimes if you’re a close contact), though the amount may be limited to a few thousand dollars.

There are cooling-off periods, so get your insurance when you book the  trip. And there are often exclusions for cancellations, such as when:

  • government restrictions, border closures and lockdowns at home or overseas prevent you travelling (but you don’t have COVID)
  • Smartraveller raises the COVID alert at your destination, advising you not to travel there
  • you contract COVID within a specified number of days of departing.

Other things to check

Always check the fine print to determine whether:

  • any stopovers are also covered (and how long you’re allowed to be there)
  • your destination requires a minimum amount of coverage – as countries like Singapore, Thailand and Fiji have required travellers to get insurance for COVID
  • you’ll be covered for the entire trip
  • someone you’re travelling with is also covered
  • you’ll be covered if a family member at home contracts COVID and you need to return.

If you’re hospitalised with COVID while travelling, also remember that Australia has a reciprocal healthcare agreement with 11 countries. Here, you can get necessary health services in an emergency, and for illnesses and injuries that need addressing immediately.

What about cruises?

Usually, you have to get cruise travel insurance separately from regular travel insurance. But either way, insurers generally aren’t offering COVID-19 cover for cruises. recently examined 24 cruise travel insurance providers and only 3 offered cover for COVID-19. The risk on cruises is still too great.

International travel insurance claims

If your Covid-19 travel insurance claim is declined

If you do need to make a COVID-related travel insurance claim and find that you’re not covered or your claim is declined, we might be able to help.

In the first instance, check your PDS closely to see if your international travel insurance cover Covid-19. If you still feel you should be entitled to a payout, our experts at Main Lawyers can investigate for you.

Our expert team offers a free initial consultation, it won’t cost you a cent to find out whether you have a valid claim. Contact us today for a chat!