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Motor vehicle accidents are always stressful and can have knock-on effects long after both parties have left the accident site. One question that often arises is can you settle a car accident without a lawyer?

You may have to deal with vehicle damage, financial stress and an injury that keeps you off work. Then there’s the paperwork and details involved in making an insurance claim.

This is where you can benefit from engaging a car accident lawyer like Main Lawyers, who can take the burden off your shoulders by taking care of the whole claim process. This allows you to just focus on getting better.

Claiming compensation after a car accident

If you’ve been injured in a car accident that was someone else’s fault (even partially), you may be able to claim personal injury compensation for lost income, hospital bills, rehabilitation, pain and suffering, and more.

This applies whether you were a pedestrian, passenger or e-scooter rider.

Proving who was at fault can be tricky, so you need an expert to give you objective advice and help you through the process.

Is it worth getting a lawyer for a car accident?

The short answer is yes. Here are just some benefits of engaging a lawyer:

Getting what you’re entitled to

No two car accidents are the same, so not all general advice you may hear about making a claim will be relevant to your situation.

The compensation amount will depend on factors like the extent of the other party’s fault and the injury’s effect on your quality of life. If your accident was work-related, you might also be entitled to workers compensation.

A personal injury lawyer can examine your specific situation and help get you the full amount you’re entitled to.

Making sure the process goes smoothly

A lawyer can help you collect all the evidence and information you need to make a claim. This could include witness statements, photos, medical records, video and more.

They will also ensure you meet the strict time frames for making a claim and submit all the paperwork correctly.

Dealing with unexpected problems

You might experience bumps in the road while you’re making a claim for motor vehicle accident compensation. A lawyer can help resolve those issues, including:

  •   disputes about who is at fault and how much damage the accident caused
  •   difficulties in identifying the other driver
  •   another state’s compensation laws if the accident happened interstate.

Resolving issues with insurers

Insurers are sometimes reluctant to pay compensation and could make things difficult after an accident. A car accident lawyer can resolve issues with your insurer about:

  •       the extent of damage to your vehicle
  •       whether you were actually covered
  •       delayed insurance payments or inadequate offers.

How Main Lawyers can help

Since we’ve answered the question can you settle a car accident without a lawyer you know It’s important to choose a car accident lawyer with a broad range of experience with car accident compensation cases.

At Main Lawyers, we tick all the boxes with our:

  •   many years of experience with personal injury law
  •   long track record of success in car accident compensation claims
  •   no win/no fee basis.

We can also come to you if you can’t attend our Brisbane or Gold Coast office.

If you have been injured in a car accident and need to make a claim, contact our team today to get the support and advice you need.

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