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Every year thousands of workers are injured on the job or fall sick for a job-related reason. This leads to financial hardship as medical bills start to accumulate and wages stop appearing in the bank. Employers in Australia are required by law to take out insurance to cover their employees for any work-related debilitating injury or illness. This insurance cover means that employees may file a workers’ compensation claim, which helps to relieve any financial burden caused.

Workers Compensation

The process for making a workers compensation claim

As soon as possible following your injury you should arrange an appointment with your GP where you will be examined and your injury diagnosed. You will need to tell your GP that you will be putting in a claim to WorkCover for workers’ compensation. Any time required off work to allow treatment and recovery must be covered by a WorkCover certificate which if you ask can be provided by your GP.

As soon as you have the WorkCover certificate then you are ready to file a claim for workers’ compensation. However, make sure you tell the truth about your injury, as WorkCover is in most cases the actual insurer and have been known to dispatch investigators who may check on your movements and activities. At any time throughout the claims process, if you start to feel intimidated, contact a workers’ compensation lawyer who will guide you through this often difficult process. 

It is a possibility that WorkCover may deny your claim. If this does happen to you must contact a workers compensation lawyers Brisbane as you may have grounds to appeal the denial.  

You must remember that there are strict time limitations in place when filing a workers’ compensation claim. A claim needs to be filed as soon as you can and while you are still being employed by your employer. Once it has been approved you can expect to receive the following:

  • wages or a salary for the time while off work;
  • expenses for hospital and medical treatment;
  • assistance with rehabilitation including out of pocket expenses; and/or
  • travel expenses to visit a hospital or doctor.

At some point, you may receive a lump sum offer called a Notice of Assessment. This is a document that, if accepted by you, prohibits you from bringing a common law claim against WorkCover. Should you ever receive a Notice of Assessment, it is very important that you do not accept or respond to WorkCover AND you immediately contact one of the specialist workers compensation lawyers at Main Lawyers.

Can my employer retaliate if I make a workers’ compensation claim?

Your employer should accept that you were injured at work and that you are going to claim workers’ compensation. It is your right to claim workers’ compensation so that you do not suffer financially because of an injury that took place while at work. Your first priority is your medical treatment and getting yourself better and back to work.

If your employer decides to treat you badly, even to the point of trying to block your compensation claim, then you should seek help from a lawyer who liaises with WorkCover regarding your worker’s compensation claim. You must remember that employers pay a small premium if you bring a claim as the compensation is paid by WorkCover, who in most cases in the insurer. 

If you need help you should contact a Brisbane workers’ compensation lawyer who will see you get the compensation you are entitled to receive.

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