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If you have been involved in a car accident, you may be wondering whether you can obtain compensation if you believe that the accident was not your fault. Car accident insurance claims can become complicated, especially if fault is challenged, or there are big bills to pay. An experienced car accident lawyer from Main Lawyers can help assess your case, offer useful advice about what you could be entitled to and negotiate on your behalf with the other driver’s insurer.

Car Accident Lawyer

A lawyer can help determine whether you are eligible for car accident compensation

Often the most difficult decision when a car accident has taken place is determining exactly who was at fault. As long as the accident was due to another driver’s negligent driving you should have good grounds for claiming compensation. A successful claim can help you obtain faster access to medical treatment, paid medical care and payment to cover out of pocket expense and loss of income.  

Car accident lawyers can help determine who was at fault and provide advice about submitting an insurance claim to the driver at fault. The more extensive the damage done to your car and the injuries caused, the more important it is to get the right amount of compensation. If you are unsure about who was at fault, contact one of the lawyers at Main Lawyers who can assist with questions such as this. 

Unfortunately, even though CTP insurance is compulsory in Queensland, it doesn’t mean that insurers readily accept insurance claims, especially if they are for large amounts.

You must be prepared for the insurer to challenge your eligibility for compensation.

A car accident lawyer can help with presenting evidence that can help to prove that you were not to blame for an accident and that the fault lay with the insurer’s client.

Paperwork needed for a successful claim

A successful insurance claim depends on good paperwork which can show evidence of fault and justification for the damages claimed. You can save a lot of time and worry by discussing your car accident claim with an experienced car accident lawyer who can ensure that you have the right paperwork available before you submit your insurance claim. Paperwork which should be submitted with the claim includes:

  • a traffic incident report (generally only if there have been no injuries);
  • a notice of accident claim;
  • a medical certificate;
  • quote for the repair of your car from the car repair yard or mechanic;
  • loss of earnings due to failure to return to work, including future loss of earnings;
  • cost of medical treatment, including the estimated cost of future medical treatment;
  • cost of payment for domestic chores you cannot do yourself because of your injuries; and
  • a calculation of payment for pain and suffering caused by the accident;
  • any other expenses not listed above.

How Main Lawyers can help you with your claim

At the very least, a car accident can be a major inconvenience. At the worst, it can ruin your life, as well as that of your loved ones. 

To avoid all this and to help you obtain the correct amount of compensation in the quickest time frame possible, you should contact a specialist car accident lawyer at Main Lawyers.