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Workplaces are fortunate in Queensland because cases of COVID-19 have remained very low compared to others states. The state government has generally responded quickly when a COVID-19 outbreak is detected and has acted quickly to protect Queenslanders. 

However there have been some cases in the workplace recently and employees are treated the same as any other accident or illness caused by attendance at a workplace.

This means you can file a claim for workcover claim gold coast in the same way as any other claim. You cannot expect to receive any compensation without providing the information required to determine whether you are entitled to compensation.

There are several documents you will need to provide when filing a claim for workplace COVID-19 which include the following:

  • medical confirmation from your doctor including both the test result and the COVID-19 diagnosis;
  • evidence that shows your COVID-19 diagnosis occurred due to being in your work environment; and
  • medical confirmation which indicates that your employment contributed significantly to you contracting COVID-19.
Contract COVID-19

What is classed as workplace exposure to COVID-19?

All claims filed related to contracting COVID-19 in the workplace will be considered on a case by case basis. If WorkCover receives confirmation that you were exposed to COVID-19 while in employment, whether you were at your place of employment or not when you discovered you had COVID-19, WorkCover must decide if your employment was the main contributing factor for you to have contracted a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Will a firm diagnosis of COVID-19 mean my WorkCover claim will be automatically accepted?

WorkCover needs to use the criteria found in the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 before reaching a firm decision. The facts that are considered could include any of the following:

  • the claim was made within the 6 month’s timeframe which can be extended to 3 years,
  • the worker filing the claim for COVID-19 was in fact a ‘worker’;
  • the diagnosis for COVID-19 has occurred;
  • COVID-19 exposure took place within the work environment;
  • the work exposure contributed significantly to the diagnosis of COVID-19.

WorkCover depends on the information from the claimant, his/her employer and the treating medical practitioner when determining if a claim is valid and is therefore accepted.

How much compensation will I receive for a COVID-19 diagnosis?

The amount of compensation offered to a worker with COVID-19 depends on:

  • the period of time that the covid-19 victim is declared unfit to work;
  • the date of the covid-19 illness;
  • the claim length;
  • usually normal weekly earnings (NWE)
  • Queensland ordinary time earnings for adults working full-time (QOTE).

My claim has been accepted for COVID-19 diagnosis – what is covered apart from wages?

WorkCover will cover the following outgoings:

  • payment of all medical and rehabilitation costs;
  • travel and other out-of- pocket expenses;
  • support for returning to work.

To ensure that a worker suffering from COVID-19 is not further disadvantaged by his or her sickness, WorkCover will pay what the employer usually pays the worker if this is at all possible.  Wages will be typically paid in arrears and will be processed after the working week has ended.

If you contracted Covid 19 and want to know am I Entitled to WorkCover if I Contract COVID-19? If you have any other COVID-19 or other worked related enquiries, please contact the specialist WorkCover lawyers at Main Lawyers.