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Traffic on Queensland roads across the state continues to rise, making a car accident possible at any time. Although it is good to know that the rate of serious car accidents has been on a downward trend over the last few years, a combination of distracted driving, speeding, aggressive driving, intoxication and failure to keep a safe distance can still cause serious injuries and damage to your car. You have the right to claim compensation if someone else was at fault.

compensation for a QLD car accident

Making a claim after a car accident

If you, or anyone else, have been physically injured, you should ring 000 and call for the police and an ambulance if needed. An online form on the Queensland Police website should be completed if there are no injuries. Evidence of the extent of damage and the cause of the accident should be recorded, if possible, at the accident site. Eye witness contact details, the other driver’s license plate, name, address and insurer should be noted.

If there are injuries these should be attended to as soon as possible. A doctor’s accident certificate should be obtained after a medical examination. You should then contact a car accident expert lawyer to discuss your potential claim. Main Lawyers have lawyers that specialise in traffic collisions. Contact us now for an obligation free consultation.

What compensation you could claim

Compensation can be claimed as long as the car accident was not your fault. Even if you were partly to blame, a percentage of the total claim may be paid by the other driver’s insurer. If you are ever unsure, contact an expert at Main Lawyers to discuss your situation.

If you suffer any injuries (whether minor or severe), you may claim compensation for:

  • Pain Suffering

This is a sum of money indicative of your injuries and, in most cases, restricted by legislation.

  • Medical Expenses

This includes the cost of any past, current or future medical expenses such as medical appointments, medication, surgeries and/or rehabilitation.

  • Economic Loss

This includes any past and/or future loss of wages (including superannuation payments). You may also be eligible to claim the cost of any retraining you have to undertake.   

  • Paid or Gratuitous Care

Otherwise known as a Care Claim which encompasses a sum of money for assistance you receive (whether paid or unpaid) in completing domestic duties. This can be for past, current or future assistance and includes duties such as cleaning or gardening.

  • Out of Pocket Expenses

This can include any costs you have incurred as a result of the injury, that do not fall into the above categories such as travel expenses.

If have suffered property damage, you may also be able to claim the cost of the damage against the at fault driver’s comprehensive insurer or the driver personally. It is important to note the CTP insurer is only liable for personal injury.

How Main Lawyers can help your claim

Every situation and facts of a car accident are different and complex. Regardless of the seriousness of your injuries, insurers often look to reduce or avoid paying claims. This could be via shifting liability (who was at fault), obtaining bias medical evidence or failing to understand or correctly assess your claim. Insurers are also notorious for delaying claims or attempting to under settle claims.

To avoid this ever happening to you, contact a specialist car accident lawyer Brisbane at Main Lawyers. You are far more likely to get the compensation you deserve or entitled to if you have professional legal assistance.