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Insurance claims have almost become a way of life for Australians, as bushfires, floods, droughts, thunderstorms, cyclones, and general damage have taken their toll more than they have ever done in the past. It has even become apparent that insurers are not prepared to offer insurance in high-risk areas.

What has become clear after the last hail and storm damage in SE Queensland is that many people who thought they were insured have found that they were underinsured or that their insurance premiums didn’t cover them for everything.

The new General Insurance Code of Practice, which took effect on 20th January 2020, included the adoption of financial hardship provisions for those who were experiencing extreme hardship. Some insurers have gone ahead with the following:

  • putting into place moratoriums on the payment of insurance premiums in instalments; 
  • immediately accepting claims of financial hardship if the person has lost his/her job due to the presence of COVID-19; 
  • waiving debt, if considered appropriate; and
  • deferment of payment of premiums for up to 6 months for those small businesses who are dealing with financial hardship. 

Currently, customers have the right to request from their insurer a fast-tracking of a claim if they are facing severe financial hardship.

Insurance Claims

What lawyers can do to help

Many have experienced their insurer either delaying a claim or denying it altogether. Insurers will typically rely on technical wording or exclusions of a policy to delay and eventually decline a claim. We see this time and time again, particularly with large natural disasters such as the floods or the bushfires. Many victims lodge claims only to later find out they were not covered. All of this can ultimately have a devastating effect on an individual’s or family’s financial situation. 

The moment you believe the insurer is delaying your insurance claim, or your claim has been declined, it is imperative you contact a lawyer immediately. A specialist insurance Brisbane lawyer, like those at Main Lawyers, can review your claim to ensure the insurer is progressing it to the best of their ability. Our lawyers can also review a declined claim to determine whether you have a legal case and take action to overturn the decision and have your claim accepted.  

When this happens, you need to ensure you obtain advice from a specialist insurance lawyer in Brisbane who can help fight for denials of insurance claims in the different insurance areas, including the following:

  • vehicle insurance;
  • travel insurance;
  • trauma insurance;
  • total and permanently disabled (TPD) Insurance; 
  • sickness & accident insurance;
  • insurance for home & contents;
  • income protection & superannuation;
  • death benefit insurance; and
  • business insurance.

If you have commenced a claim for any of the above insurances, and are concerned the insurer is not assessing your claim correctly, then we would recommend you contact an insurance lawyer in Brisbane, such as those at Main Lawyers. They will assess your current claim situation free of charge and advise whether your claim would benefit from the involvement of a lawyer.

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