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With the amount of traffic on the roads these days, it’s not surprising that car accidents in Brisbane happen every day.

You could be seriously injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident. It may not even be your fault. Serious back and head injuries are common in car accidents, which can make it difficult for you to work and get around.

So if you do get in a traffic accident that’s not your fault, you need to know what to do next – and when it’s time to call in a personal injury lawyer.

Car accident in brisbane

What to do

If you’re in an accident in your vehicle, first make sure everyone is OK. Call 000 if anyone is hurt or there’s some kind of hazards, such as a fallen power pole or cars stuck on a blind corner.

Exchange personal and insurance details with any other drivers. Then organise a tow truck to remove vehicles if necessary.

We also recommend reporting the accident to the police.

Claims you can make

If you are injured in the accident and it’s someone else’s fault, you may be able to make a personal injury claim.

And if the accident occurs while you’re doing your work, you could make a workers compensation claim. See our information on WorkCover.

You might be able to make a car accident insurance claim if you’re:

  • the driver hit by another vehicle
  • a passenger or pillion rider on a motorcycle
  • a pedestrian hit by an identified vehicle or in a hit and run 
  • a mountain bike or road bike rider.

In Queensland, if you can’t identify the driver in the other vehicle or they’re uninsured, a special fund has been set up to protect you. So you may be eligible for compensation from this fund.

Getting Help

Figuring out what help is available to you can be complex. You may need a car accident lawyer to get the compensation you’re entitled to.

Our team of Brisbane personal injury lawyers can come to you, contact us today.