Discover the benefits of choosing a no win no fee lawyer for personal injury and insurance compensation matters.

At Main Lawyers, we offer no-win no-fee service for all Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW residents. When it comes to knowing your rights when a personal injury occurs it’s important to get the correct information. Our Personal injury lawyers provide service on the Gold CoastCoolangattaTweed Heads,  Southport, and Brisbane.

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What Does A Law Practice Provide?

Small Firm vs Large Firim



Principal Lawyer

From start to finish you’ll deal with the principal lawyer; This is the most senior lawyer and they will be the person you speak with any time you call to discuss your case.

Who Are You Dealing With?

Junior Staff.

One or more of these guys are Actually handling your case. Most Are either paralegals or secretaries. You’re never really sure which ones are working your case since you speak with someone different each time you call.


Down to earth and nonsense free process. No time is wasted by meetings or lenghty processes since the most senior lawyer will be working on the case.

The Process Simple.


Slow and inefficient process. With junior lawyers and paralegals working your case, many meetings and approvals from senior lawyers are needed every step of the way.

Highest Impact.

Paying for only the work that matters and has the highest impact to your case will get you the best result in the least amount of time.

What You pay for

Company Processes.

Some of your money covers important work on your case though most will also cover meetings, approval processes and other extra work that is not directly helping you win.

More For You.

Enjoy a larger slice of the pie as you get things personalised and focused to you to help you win. At a small firm you’ll never be just another number.

Time & Energy Helping You Win

Just Another Number.

Spreading resources across hundreds or thousands of clients leaves you with only a tiny slice of the pie and often at a greater expense.


Clients come first. Small firms remain humble so that resources are allocated towards helping you win and earn the compensation you deserve.

How The Firm Allocates Resources


Fancy offices with waterfront views and in prime locations don’t come cheap these days. Guess who’s the one covering that bill?

Dealing with Main Lawyers also provides these additional benefits

Affordable services and 100% commitment to winning your case

Peace of mind with our no-win no-fee*, no-headache guarantee

Having a qualified lawyer by your side, the whole way through

You’ll be met with honesty and personalised attention throughout the entire case

We handle difficult and complicated cases, so send them our way!

No nasty surprises! We don’t hit you with unexpected or hidden fees, nor will we increase our fees at any time throughout the duration of your claim

No Win No Fee lawyer Gold coast

Can you afford to let an incident at work or involving a motor vehicle take you out? Do you have the right to a compensation payout? 

Get the information you need to make a decision on your situation.