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If you’re injured doing work on the Gold Coast or Brisbane, the WorkCover workers compensation scheme could help you pay your medical expenses and provide you with lost income while you recover.

But what happens if your WorkCover claim is rejected? Or what if they start providing compensation payments and then just stop? Unfortunately, this situation is quite common.

It can be frustrating and even scary if you can’t work and don’t have money coming in. But don’t panic – there are a few options open to you.


Why WorkCover Denies Claims

There are many reasons why WorkCover may deny a claim, including:

  • Your employer may disagree with your version of events.
  • Your injury or condition didn’t happen at or because of your work.
  • A pre-existing injury or condition was the main cause.
  • You didn’t report the problem in the necessary time frame.
  • The compensation amount you want doesn’t match the severity of the injury or condition.

When WorkCover tells you they’re denying your claim, they give you the reasons why. If you disagree with their decision and believe you’re eligible for compensation, you may be able to appeal and fight to have your claim approved.


Appealing WorkCover’s Decision

You have three months to appeal WorkCover’s decision from the date on their notice. 

You can appeal to the Workers’ Compensation Regulator. Read about this process on the Queensland Compensation Lawyers

If the Regulator denies your appeal and you still disagree with the decision, you can consider appealing to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission or get help from a workers compensation lawyer on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane.

Getting Legal Help

Sometimes your WorkCover claim may be denied a few times before it’s approved. Or the circumstances may be complex and you need to get outside help.

To make the best possible case and increase your chance of getting your claim approved, consider getting professional legal help from a workers compensation lawyer in Brisbane.

At Main Lawyers, this is a major part of our business. And we have WorkCover lawyers on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, so know how to get the best result for local people. Contact the team today.