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If you have a superannuation fund, which almost everyone has, it is a requirement to provide members with life insurance. Part of this life insurance is total and permanent disability insurance (TPD). This is insurance provided to members to cover them should they be unable to work in their education training and/or experience. Such insurance can be used to cover living and medical costs that normally you may not be able to afford due to lack of income.

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TPD Claims

TPD claims can be confusing and difficult, particularly when you are suffering with an injury or illness. Many claimants, who try to negotiate TPD claims on their own, become overwhelmed by both the legal jargon and paperwork. This invariably results in many giving up and ultimately not receive this life-saving TPD payout of which they are entitled. This is why many are now turning to industry-leading lawyers, such as Main Lawyers, to navigate and fight a TPD claim on their behalf.

One of the main reasons for asking a lawyer to help with your TPD claim in Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia is because it is necessary to negotiate the claim with an insurer. We have found that many insurers will frequently find any excuse not to honour any TPD claim. If you do not get a specialist TPD insurance lawyer, such as those at Main Lawyers, it is not uncommon for insurers to use this against you and make the claim process more difficult and confusing than it needs to be.

7 Key Advantages of a Lawyer Filing your TPD Claim

There are several benefits when a lawyer works on your behalf to settle your TPD claim in Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia. These are outlined below:

  1. The lawyer will know exactly what evidence is required to support your claim. If the evidence is sufficient, your claim will be processed far more quickly.
  1. The lawyer will explain the insurance language used in your policy, so you know where you stand, whether the claim is won or denied.
  1. You are far less likely to get your TPD claim denied if a lawyer works on your behalf.
  1. You can be sure the claim will be submitted within the time limits.
  1. Sometimes it is necessary to go to court to settle a TPD claim, but this is less likely to happen if your claim is in the safe hands of an experienced TPD lawyer. Going to court is typically too much for most people, but if you have to deal with a chronic injury or sickness a court appearance seems that much more daunting.
  1. Most lawyers handling TPD claims in Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia work on a no-win, no fee basis, meaning you only pay the legal fees if a settlement is negotiated successfully on your behalf. The fees are taken out of the settlement which takes the worry of paying legal fees upfront off your shoulders.
  1. An injury lawyer gold coast who handles TPD claims in Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia will help to ensure that any independent doctor commissioned by your insurer to check your disability comes up with the expected diagnosis and does not downplay your illness or injury and claim you are fit to work.

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