Personal Injury Lawyer Brisbane

Based in Brisbane, our team of personal injury lawyers are here to provide you with the advice you require.

We can assist with advice in the Brisbane area and subsequently assists persons in seeking compensation for costs, loss of income, pain and suffering, and emotional distress, as well as a loss in earning capacity. 

What’s more, we offer clients a no-win, no-fee package which means that if your injury claim is not successful, you do not have to pay any legal fees.

We offer our clients a No-win No-fee guarantee which means you won’t pay us a cent unless we win your case.

Personal Injury Lawyer Brisbane

Injury Lawyers Brisbane

Life after an accident impacts you in ways you may not yet realise. Apart from the imminent pain and suffering you experience, the physical and mental consequences of being injured may go on to disrupt your day-to-day living. In turn, this may affect your capacity to perform work duties and negatively impact your quality of life.

We understand this struggle at Main Lawyers. We see individuals suffering on all levels including emotional, financial and physical levels.

If you are in Brisbane and you’re looking to make a personal injury claim, but are not quite sure how to go about it, you’ll need a team that will assist you in the claims filing process. Our Brisbane personal injury lawyers at Main Lawyers are always here to give you legal advice that guides you in making the best decisions possible.

A Brisbane Personal Injury Lawyers Firm

For a personal injury claim to be successful, there has to have been a situation where you were injured as a result of the action or inaction of another party. There are a variety of scenarios that may have played out where this can occur, and as a personal injury solicitor and law firm in Brisbane, we see a broad range of cases. Consequently, we have the experience and skills that you can rely on to proceed with your personal injury claim. 

What Does Personal Injury Law Cover?

Personal injury claims can apply to more circumstances than you may initially assume. Whilst you probably have seen popular commercials of people tripping on cracked pavements or slipping on wet floors, the scope of what personal injury covers is far-reaching. 

It also includes medical negligence, accidents in the workplace, accidents in public places, motor vehicle accidents, mining industry accidents, and emotional trauma.

How Do You Know If You Have a Personal Injury Claim in Brisbane?

A common reason people become skeptical about pursuing an injury claim is uncertainty as to whether they are entitled to compensation for their injury. 

If you’re in this position, you may be asking yourself questions like:

  • Are the circumstances my injury occurred grounds for a valid claim?
  • Is an entity liable enough to pay compensation?
  • Do I even have a case?

It’s commonplace to think the answer to all of the aforementioned questions is no. However, you have formed this conclusion without speaking to an industry expert who can provide you with accurate, reliable and up-to-date advice on your specific situation.

What Injuries Can You File a Claim for in Brisbane?

In a personal injury case, several things can be claimed. You may soon find that most of them apply to your situation. Access our Personal Injury Claims blog for more information.

In Brisbane, you can file a claim for compensation for the following:

General damages

If your injury causes you damages which include pain and suffering, you may file for compensation on that basis. 

Paid care and assistance

If you have to hire help or pay for tasks you can’t perform as a result of an injury sustained, you may have grounds for claim too. 

Income Loss

If you suffer any income loss — past, present, and future — because your injury hinders you from doing your job, you may have a claim. 

Medical and rehabilitation cost

Accrued medical bills (past, present, and future) that may come from your pocket are also grounds for compensation claims. An expert Brisbane personal injury lawyer can help you get them back. 

Loss of superannuation benefits

If your ability to receive superannuation benefits is impacted as a result of the injury, you may file a compensation claim. 

Something to note here is that the amount you can access as compensation for your injury claim differs with every case. Damages are calculated as per the circumstances surrounding them and thus, every case is different. 

No Win No Fee lawyer Gold coast

Can you afford to let an incident at work or involving a motor vehicle take you out? Do you have the right to a compensation payout? 

Get the information you need to make a decision on your situation.