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If you are a business owner who has taken out insurance to cover the premises, your stock, wages, loss of income or other operational expenses, and you need to make a claim, we can help. Business insurance is intended to protect your business from any losses that happen during daily operations.

In particular, if your business has suffered losses due to a natural disaster or other event beyond your control, you may be able to claim compensation from your insurer. However, business interruptions claims can often be rejected or under-compensated. Having an experienced lawyer who fights on your side can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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Minimise your risk with the best policy for your business

There are many risks to your business that can be hard to predict or protect yourself against. Business insurance is a critical element of managing risk in any business and protects both staff and customers.

Finding the best insurance policy for your needs can be a complex process however. Insurance companies vary in what their policies will cover and they often include unsuspecting exclusions, which can make all the difference in times when things go wrong.

It’s for these reasons we advise you to seek professional assistance to ensure you find the policy that covers your business best and does not include any unsuspecting exclusion clauses. Contact our team today if you would like our help with finding the best policy for your needs.

What to do if your claim is rejected or your insurer refuses to pay your benefits

Insurance companies often reject claims for business interruptions and other insurance or offer less than a business owner may be entitled to. If you are in this position but have reasonable grounds to believe you have been wrongfully denied compensation or that you deserve significantly more than what has been offered, our expert business insurance claim lawyers may be able to help.

At Main Lawyers, we are on your side 100% and will revise your case for free in our initial consultation. We’ll provide you with honest and professional advice as to how much compensation you are entitled to and what your best course of action may be.

Business interruptions due to natural disasters

When it comes to insurance policies, one of the biggest variants are the inclusions and exclusions related to natural disasters. Floods, fires, cyclones, hail storms and other events can prevent your business from operating as usual. If your insurance company refuses to cover such business interruptions claims, you may suffer losses that can be disastrous!

Our expert business interruptions and insurance claim lawyers may be able to assist with:

Securing temporary funds to find alternative venues to continue business operations

Managing emergency works such as temporary roofing, electrical safety and eliminating asbestos exposure

Sourcing emergency payments to cover immediate costs including staff wages, replacement equipment and replacement stock

Calculating the value of your losses and how much you might be entitled to receive

Taking care of all the procedural headaches while also dealing with the insurance company on your behalf

Essentially, we’ll take responsibility for the entire process, and help you receive what you are entitled to. It’s never too late to reach out to us. We can help even if you have already started a claim, received a settlement offer you’re unhappy with or even if your claim has been rejected.

Gold Coast Business Insurance Claims Lawyers

Why Main Lawyers?

When it comes to taking on an insurance company, you need a lawyer who is well resourced and stands by you 100%. Not only are we expert business interruptions and insurance claim lawyers, we have won a number of claims against insurers – even if the claims have initially been rejected.

Our “no win, no fee” terms mean you do not pay us a cent for our services unless we see your claim win. That’s how you know we are in your corner until the very end.

Our business insurance claim lawyers are located in Coolangatta, Gold Coast though we also travel to Brisbane, Tweed Heads and Northern NSW. In the event of flood damage to your premises, we may be able to travel further out if your location is in QLD or NSW, such as Townsville and Cairns. 

If you think you have a business interruption or insurance claim and would like expert help, contact us through our 24/7 phone support or send an online enquiry today.

Disclaimer: This information is designed for general information in relation to Queensland and/or New South Wales compensation law and is current at time of publication. It does not constitute legal advice and should not be used as such. We strongly recommend you seek legal advice in regards to your specific situation. For expert advice call 1800 112 466 for a free discussion of your matter with one of our experienced lawyers.


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