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A motor vehicle accident is often a traumatic event and one that can cost you far more than you realise. Not only will you need to deal with the immediate aftermath, but you could also be dealing with the financial consequences for years to come. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, you deserve the best car accident lawyer Southport has to offer on your side. 

Main Lawyers can help you to seek compensation for your losses if the car accident you were involved in was not your fault. These expenses can include medical and rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering, loss of income, paid assistance, out-of-pocket expenses, and more.

With an excellent 98% success rate, we fight for your rights to see as much of these costs as possible repaid to you so that you can be on the road to recovery.

We understand how difficult finances can be during this time. That is why we offer a no-win no-fee policy to our clients who wish to pursue a car accident compensation claim. We will do everything we can to win your case and if you receive no compensation – you do not need to pay us a cent!

Car Accident Lawyers Southport QLD

We are a Trusted Car Accident Solicitor in Southport

It can be a long road between making a car accident compensation claim and seeing any recovery for your losses. Main Lawyers can make the process an easy and stress-free one. It costs nothing to find out your rights, so get in touch with us today and book your free consultation.

What Types of Car Accidents are Covered in Southport?

Our specialist vehicle accident lawyer Southport is able to help our clients to recover their losses from all different types of vehicle accidents. These include:

Driver or passenger injuries

Motorcycle or passenger injuries

Cyclist accidents

Hit and runs

Pedestrian accidents

Truck accidents

Accidents while in a recreational vehicle

Major and minor injuries due to a car accident, including whiplash, neck and back injuries, and much more

If you have suffered injuries as a result of another driver’s negligence, you may be eligible to receive compensation through a personal injury claim. In some cases, you may be able to file a car accident insurance claim and increase your compensation. 

If you have been in an accident where the other driver is missing or uninsured, we can help you take action against the Nominal Defendant. In this case, you may still receive a special fund that is awarded to motor vehicle accident victims even if the guilty party is unidentified or uninsured.


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How do You Make a Claim for Car Accident Compensation in Southport?

You can seek compensation for motor vehicle losses if you have been injured in an accident that was the fault of another driver. This can include a number of different scenarios, such as:

If you are the driver of a car or motor vehicle and are hit by another driver

If you are the passenger in a car or other motor vehicle and are involved in an accident (regardless of which driver was at fault)

If you are a pedestrian and are hit by a driver

If you are the victim of a hit and run and do not have the driver’s details

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident and the other driver is unidentified

If you have suffered an injury while on a motorcycle, mountain bike, road bike, e-bike or e-scooter

    After the event and when all injuries have been treated, evidence of the accident should be recorded in as much detail as possible, including retrieving the details of the other driver and any eyewitnesses.

    Then, get in touch with Main Lawyers. We can help you to understand the process for making a claim and where to go from there while providing expert, up-to-date information so that you can know your options and make the best decision for your future. If you decide to proceed with a compensation case, we will be by your side from start to finish and navigate your claim towards a successful resolution.

    Why are We the Best Motor Accident Lawyer in Southport?

    The Main Lawyers team have the expertise, skills, and resources required to see you compensated for your car accident losses. We provide honest advice and expert guidance with no hidden fees and an excellent track record for success. Speak to a professional car accident lawyer in Southport today or use our insurance calculator to receive an estimate on how much you may receive.

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    Car Accident Southport QLD
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    Can you afford to let an incident at work or involving a motor vehicle take you out? Do you have the right to a compensation payout? 

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