How can we assist?

How can we assist?

Will I end up in a courtroom?

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Not necessarily. In general, less than 2% of personal injury cases end up before a judge in a courtroom. Insurance claims cases vary significantly and we’d be better able to advise you of the process once we understand the specifics of your case.

It is likely that your claims process will involve a pre-court procedure that both parties must comply with before matters are taken to court. This process may involve you seeing a number of medical professionals (in personal injury claims cases) or obtaining different types of documents to support your case.

Once you’ve got all the necessary evidence to proceed with your claim, you will need to attend a conference including the other party. With a trusted lawyer by your side, you probably won’t need to speak at all, we’d take care of that for you.

More than 50% of personal injury matters settle at this compulsory conference. If your claims and requests are reasonable and the other party makes a fair and reasonable assessment of the claim, it is likely your case might also settle in this phase. This means you won’t need to go to court.

As with anything in life, if the two sides cannot agree on the evidence before them, a judge’s intervention might be sought and court proceedings begin