How can we assist?

How can we assist?

How much will it cost to make a personal injury or insurance claim?

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There is no general answer we can provide here. The costs of your claim will depend on the extent of injuries and damages sustained.

For personal injury claims, the costs will be affected by the number of specialists involved and medical assessments that would be needed before the compulsory conference can take place. In some instances, Workcover or insurance may assist with associated injury costs.

For insurance claims, the costs will depend on the course of action you choose to take. If you submit a claim to your insurer and it is rejected, you may still be able to win and we can advise you of the best actions to proceed with.

In any case, it is always best to chat to us and we can help you assess your case and the overall costs to make a claim. Book in for a free consultation and speak with our Principal lawyer.