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Don’t give up on flood insurance claims in Townsville. Main Lawyers flood claim lawyers can offer a second chance for victims of North Queensland floods.

Any resident that experienced the floods in Townsville and beyond knows the stress of dealing with flood insurance claims.

Residents here are under an increased risk, which is why our Main Lawyers flood claims team are here to help. We have a strong track record and can help even if your claim has been rejected.

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If your flood insurance claim has been rejected anywhere in QLD, contact us today!

Our expert flood lawyers have helped many others successfully gain flood damage compensation even when their initial claims were rejected.

Is Townsville prone to flooding?

In 2019, Townsville suffered one of the worst floods in history. A tropical storm hit the area inflicting high rains over several days, causing billions of dollars in damage.

These floods, plus tropical cyclones in the Gulf, mean that Northern Queensland flooding is more likely than ever.

Making a flood claim in Townsville

If you have been the victim of the North Queensland floods, and you can provide evidence, you may be able to make a successful flood insurance claim. Some insurance companies will differentiate between floodwater and storm damage.

So what happens if your home was flooded when a heavy storm caused the river or another watercourse to flood? It is easy to see why so many people get confused and turn to a home insurance lawyer for help.

Either way, it is worth a try to make a claim in case it is successful. Try to figure out precisely where the water came from, such as local watercourses that may have broken, and get hold of local data on rainfall and weather events.

But what if you have already made a flood claim and it was rejected?

Not all flood claims are accepted the first time around. There will be some residents and business owners that submit a claim after a flood that don’t see the payout they expected.

This could be the case even if there is clear tidemark from rising flood water or evidence of high rainfall in the area.

Some insurers will refuse to pay out if you haven’t paid your premiums or didn’t notify them in time. This is when many will consult expert business insurance lawyers who also specialise in flood claims, like the team at Main Lawyers.

The success of an initial claim can also come down to the evidence provided and the quality of the claim.

For example, exclusion policies, failure to take preventative measures and the documentation provided. If insurers find a fault or a loophole, they can attempt to deny payment. However, it is worth getting touch with our Main Lawyers flood claims lawyers in this situation.


Our experts could find a way to turn the case around

We may be able to help you find a way to overcome a rejected claim, present the right evidence and overturn that decision.

Understanding the Townsville flood insurance claims process:

Step 1: Check Your Insurance Policy

Check your policy to see what it actually covers. There may be fine print about rainwater and flood damage where there are exclusions. As we mentioned above, there are clear distinctions between types of damage.

Step 2: Collect Evidence of Damage

If you think you have a case, make sure to collect evidence of the damage, ideally photographic. This means water damage to walls, damaged furniture and possessions and any evidence of developing mould. Also, try to take inventory of the items.

Step 3: Lodge Claim With Insurer

File your claim with the evidence and await the result.

Step 4: Contact a Flood Lawyer if Claim Has Been Wrongfully Rejected

If it is a negative outcome, come and talk to our flood claims lawyers to see if we can help.

Find out how we can help with your Townsville flood claims

There is a clear risk that the recent North Queensland floods were not a one-off event. That is why residents need to be aware of their options when it comes to making valid flood claims in Townsville.

Main Lawyers flood insurance lawyers are here to help. Contact us today to book a free consultation with our experts. We offer a mobile service and may be able to meet you in your home or business in Townsville or surrounds.



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